Living With A Road-Legal Kids' Car

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This week, Alex takes to the road in the world's first road-legal kids' toy to find out what it's like to live with!

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Joseph Carreon
Joseph Carreon 41 minutt siden
Let build more cars for kids.
Tolis Pap
Tolis Pap 4 timer siden
That's the future of transportation in town
SkyXTrap 5 timer siden
Wish it went faster
Mayank Maximum
Mayank Maximum 6 timer siden
Remove the wing
Misha Samorodin
Misha Samorodin 6 timer siden
There's also someone who made a giant petal cycle version of this with paper or something. This video also reminds me of the time jezza made the p90 gear.
hot video
hot video 8 timer siden
You must of broke a record for the first road legal car to drive in homebase
DragonsREpic 8 timer siden
22 an hour at 4 miles is literally nothing. Work is 21 miles....uh no, thats one way...
Asterngeisha 9 timer siden
Wish it wasn't red, red stands out too much.
Yui_chan298 9 timer siden
7:04 that's what she literally said! 🤣
Komrade Young
Komrade Young 11 timer siden
I thought he was saying Pasta...I was wondering why he was in tools and hardware looking for food lol
Justin Milam
Justin Milam 12 timer siden
I bet u any money DOT deny my black ass KIT CAR DREAMING
glenn oc
glenn oc 12 timer siden
The UK had lots of whacky q plated cars even years ago. I remember seeing V8 minis and escorts with V8s.
MlTCHB 12 timer siden
I can't be the only Aussie that noticed thats the inside of a BUNNINGS warehouse!!!
Lucifer Potter
Lucifer Potter 14 timer siden
Man I want one of those toy car it would be cool driving down the street with my dog in passenger side... I can hear it now
Troy 16 timer siden
23:00 A great singer goes high pitch after every sentence according to Zach.... UH!
Troy 16 timer siden
22:20 Zach made sure to paint his nails before coming onto this show
Troy 16 timer siden
Lol I love how his mom is trying hard to burn him and it just ends up as telling sweet stories of his childhood
Extra Leben
Extra Leben 17 timer siden
i want to see the face of the mot inspector when you turn up with this 🙈😂😂😂🤘🤘🤘
Quantum _
Quantum _ 18 timer siden
Get that out in the snow and drift it
Thomas Tesche
Thomas Tesche 20 timer siden
Absolutely amazing 👏 that's a kids dream car! ❤
Jeremy Tome
Jeremy Tome 20 timer siden
England: Sure, as long as we collect tax. America: Land of the "no you can't do that"
BLACK PANTHER 1 22 timer siden
Hello kitty 😺 on the side of car got me deadass🤣🤣🤣
Brad Forester
Brad Forester Dag siden
I don’t trust anyone that wore a mask or took the vaccine
Pricilla Evans
Pricilla Evans Dag siden
7:01 .. were they talking about you or the car Alex? 🙃😅
EXIGENCE uwu Dag siden
Girls: thats why you dont have a girlfriend, grow up! Me: The first in the world Road-Legal toy car!
Paulo Heaven
Paulo Heaven Dag siden
The Audi TT be like a monster truck behind hahahaha
nicky blunts
nicky blunts Dag siden
be awesome if he nosed it up to go at least 60
JD Music
JD Music Dag siden
Next video is the first NCAP 5star rating kids toy🤣
Ken Pham
Ken Pham Dag siden
So many celebrities are gonna want one of these or even a grand collection.
The Stig
The Stig Dag siden
Kurt Winters
Kurt Winters Dag siden
We had them in the states in the 80's - POW POW POWER WHEELS ! BIGFOOT EDITION
Mr Rob
Mr Rob 2 dager siden
Tesla will Now build kids cars that go a thousand miles. And still charge $150,000
Blaž Bohinc
Blaž Bohinc 2 dager siden
ngl if i saw you on the street in that i wouldn't make any effort to steet around you
neltruck 2 dager siden
Nitro Chandler
Nitro Chandler 2 dager siden
But would I get slapped with a child endangerment charge if I make them drive that mofo to school after missing the bus & have them lock it up with the bicycles
kicksoffs 2 dager siden
What Shaquille o'neal looks like in a sports car
Hervaven Gill
Hervaven Gill 2 dager siden
How many kids will get killed driving this thing on main roads. Parents can't supervise all the time . does this guy care ?
Levi Alston
Levi Alston 2 dager siden
Think what he could build with funding
Paul Gill
Paul Gill 2 dager siden
What is the under glow ?
GEARWRENCH 2 dager siden
I didn't realize people still plaster. I thought people stopped using it like 60 years ago
Lorrie Carrel
Lorrie Carrel 2 dager siden
I absolutely LOVE that thing
Shahridz Shahridz
Shahridz Shahridz 3 dager siden
E-scooter user should change and use this 🤣🤣🤣 coz it legal...
Mario Stelzner
Mario Stelzner 3 dager siden
AGhostRiderR 3 dager siden
Where can I buy one the links are broken
TrucksAndDirt 3 dager siden
When the rain comes, or snow, or an accident, the fun will be over.
Thanh Tran
Thanh Tran 3 dager siden
Can fit one girl in. Must be skinny 🙈
Gabriel Jordan
Gabriel Jordan 3 dager siden
Imagine this going 200kmh
Ken Bober
Ken Bober 3 dager siden
That's exactly how I feel when driving a miata or a lotus Elise
Jonny Valiant
Jonny Valiant 3 dager siden
If this was done in tbe US you know the thing would already have a huge battery and tons of power. I mean, aside from the lights the next thing would have to be power and maybe a set of real tires perhaps some springs/shocks.
Gregg O
Gregg O 3 dager siden
Shoehorn a 1000cc v-twin between its rollers,some suspension,and a windscreen and you'll have a road legal ripper that can travel on the highway or fteeway. Although the standard fear of getting run down by the traditional bad driver that always has a box of Kleenex in the back window.
Gregg O
Gregg O 3 dager siden
I love this,lol.
Mr. steve 135
Mr. steve 135 3 dager siden
I'd do the same thing, except I'd put a small engine in it
br pa
br pa 3 dager siden
What's the top speed, 190?
David Ceballos
David Ceballos 3 dager siden
Crocodile 🐊 Dundee 😂😂😂
l3lue l3xus
l3lue l3xus 3 dager siden
Are they the test dummies? Jk
triga finga
triga finga 3 dager siden
Can y’all just chill with the Miata videos
Yaveet Casper
Yaveet Casper 3 dager siden
22mph top speed? That’s street legal? Boost it.
Samuel Trachet
Samuel Trachet 3 dager siden
I would love this. I'd pay good money for it.
Ashlie Mayhew
Ashlie Mayhew 3 dager siden
I'll buy it for £200
SnowyDeMo 3 dager siden
Definitely not the first here in America we pimp them out all the time even sometimes put gas powered engines....
vapete 123
vapete 123 3 dager siden
The designer and dream maker of this vehicle needs to wake up and realise how stupid this idea is before someone gets killed .. either that or taken behind his garden shed and flogged to within an inch of his life with a stocking full of hot wet diarrhoea !!
jedidiah williamson
jedidiah williamson 3 dager siden
This is what everyone's in town car should look like.
Moon서영 3 dager siden
If every (and I mean every) town car looked like that, i feel like the accident/repair costs would go down dramatically
Simeon von Lepel
Simeon von Lepel 4 dager siden
Funny thing is, it probably wouldn't be road legal in Germany because it has Underlights (or whatever you call em) XD
Kim D
Kim D 4 dager siden
I'm kid sized. I want one
booring2 4 dager siden
This car should be called Prosze
AKA FACE 4 dager siden
Can I get one please
Fraser 4 dager siden
Knowing some of the cars that roll in and out of Beaconsfield and the Sainsbury's there, seeing this scoot about in town was hilarious!!
Mitsos 306
Mitsos 306 4 dager siden
I can build one but unfortunately there is no way to make it road legal in Greece ...
Andre_97s 4 dager siden
This is what I dreamed of but in a Mercedes
Andre_97s 4 dager siden
I want one
Abbajaba Gaming
Abbajaba Gaming 4 dager siden
I will move to wherever to see a city full of these
John Calos
John Calos 4 dager siden
This is why the world hates masculinity....its just so much fun.
Steven Villlarreal
Steven Villlarreal 4 dager siden
If it went more than 22 mph I would get one perfectly up to 60mils per hour will be great
White Devil
White Devil 4 dager siden
Search for “Grind Hard Plumbing co’” they have many of these that they modified to race and off road with.
Unsearchable Things
Unsearchable Things 4 dager siden
60 mph? Might add some shocks for sure.
Marko Hubber
Marko Hubber 4 dager siden
That isn’t the first or fastest toy car
Marko Hubber
Marko Hubber 4 dager siden
That isn’t the first or fastest toy car
Lens Perspective
Lens Perspective 4 dager siden
Growing up my dad took all my toys, injected them with steroids, and played with them himself
Cem T
Cem T 4 dager siden
This is epic! Lol I still wouldn't be able to afford the insurance probably though 🤣
beachbum Lifestyle
beachbum Lifestyle 4 dager siden
Imagine trying to park and you see this take your spot!!! And you get out pick his car up and move it so you can park 😂😂
beachbum Lifestyle
beachbum Lifestyle 4 dager siden
When I heard the horn I busted out laughing
ScubaSteveAE86 Alemar
ScubaSteveAE86 Alemar 5 dager siden
This is why I love this channel !!! You never know what your going to get !!! Love it !!!
Bayley Massey
Bayley Massey 5 dager siden
Connex 5 dager siden
Registration, insurance?
Islamic Rules
Islamic Rules 5 dager siden
I liked it.......I need this for my Kid...
M F 5 dager siden
I love it. When will rest of europe wake up and have more fun in life.
BIG MAC 5 dager siden
I bet getting it insured in the US would be a hassle.
ian Budget RC
ian Budget RC 5 dager siden
I'd still wanna buy one these days..
FPV FREAKY 5 dager siden
For a start that wing is illegal.
Herbie Hickmott
Herbie Hickmott 5 dager siden
He gunna have fun trying to plaster wiv a bag of easy fill 🤣
3cc0 BunnY
3cc0 BunnY 5 dager siden
Thats bluddy awesome
ltlwatcher 5 dager siden
0 to 60 time: never.
keeponpainting 5 dager siden
I really wanted to know how much tax, insurance costs ?
Dee Bee
Dee Bee 5 dager siden
Site does not matter. Only technique does. 🤣
Alex Wang
Alex Wang 5 dager siden
LS swap it
Ahmad Latif
Ahmad Latif 3 dager siden
Put a hellephant in that bihh
John martinez
John martinez 5 dager siden
I won't to see that
Chris Young
Chris Young 5 dager siden
That store looked strangely similar to bunnings warehouse here in nz. What is the name of that store?
boltonky 5 dager siden
Road legal? is it registered as a kit car or something and how do you get away with no saftey belts/helmets etc. This to me is like saying my dirt bikes road legal cause it has farm rego, and tbh most decent buggies/go-karts have all the road legal stuff. Good on him but this stuff has been going on since before i was born but can't fault a person for trying
MrJohn613 Budget Builds
MrJohn613 Budget Builds 5 dager siden
@ 11:05 McDonald’s Porsche, comes with every happy meal 🤷🏽‍♂️😜
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