Living With A Citroen Ami

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3 måneder siden

This week, Alex finds out what life is really like with the Citroen Ami, a quadricycle you're legally allowed to drive at 14 in France!

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hot video
hot video 13 timer siden
Does it have airbags? Lol
Fire Rain
Fire Rain 14 timer siden
And I thought the Fiat Multipla was hideous. This Citroen makes me scared for the future of cars. I do not like electric cars one bit. They are a mistake and look like a Little Tikes toy. The front looks like it had a facelift that went botched and now it's so flat it matches the personality of a teenage girl in California: none.
Rudolf's Bastelstube
Rudolf's Bastelstube 18 timer siden
My ClubCar is better xD
jh5kl Dag siden
alex wishes the car wouldn t fit him so perfectly
tanish p
tanish p Dag siden
Not to 60 never happens because it's a top speed of 28 miles per hour 😂😂😂😂
ProfessorData 1701D
ProfessorData 1701D 2 dager siden
Is it bad that I want one?
farbror Frej
farbror Frej 2 dager siden
Why stay near the centerline, regardless traffic intensity, as it was a regular car? If you holding up traffic, why not steer to the roadside and let them pass?
Mianala 4 dager siden
... no quality to the materials 😂
Vankatanemuedobre 4 dager siden
Just put a r1 engine in it
Mairold 4 dager siden
Real question is why does the "friend" dude instantly know its a bamboo
Yao 5 dager siden
Wow you would love Wuling Hongguang mini EV! A great competitor but even cheaper at $4500 and has room for four!
dhiraj kadam
dhiraj kadam 5 dager siden
Wow i love the concept i love to have this
TRDrawingArts 6 dager siden
don't buy this, literally this car an electric tuk-tuk
The Unknown
The Unknown 6 dager siden
Nice box 👍
Shane House
Shane House 7 dager siden
What's scary about this car more than its size. It is the fact that the doors are suicide doors so if you're driving at speed and that opens up even slightly it'll create a vacuum and throw you out the car onto the f****** highway.
David Hughes
David Hughes 7 dager siden
What a godawful ugly duckling. Ludicrous
Jericho Claveria
Jericho Claveria 7 dager siden
These should be implemented as practice vehicles for driving schools
Isak Strömstedt
Isak Strömstedt 8 dager siden
Who remembers can you drive a car with cut springs
Vjotkr 8 dager siden
Renting cars instead of owning one? Even during communism we used to have our own car, even if you had to wait years on a list.
Googadis Beotches
Googadis Beotches 8 dager siden
It does have a personality to it, like a permanent frown or scornful look complete with little chrome forehead wrinkles.
Cera Sette
Cera Sette 9 dager siden
With a road bike you can get same speed... every car under 80kmh is a nonsense.
artoodiitoo 9 dager siden
Does it have a limiter, or do you just remove weight to make it go faster?
BRUNO 9 dager siden
Yeah I can see someone at a job interview and the interviwer asks What is your most valuable thing you did in your life and you say Yeah I once got a speed ticket on a Citroen Ami
artoodiitoo 9 dager siden
That´s probably bigger than my crx lol
Edwin Gattorno
Edwin Gattorno 9 dager siden
A modern Mr. BEAN 🤣
Jeremy B
Jeremy B 9 dager siden
ryszard witek
ryszard witek 10 dager siden
The Citroen 420
Evyan Keller
Evyan Keller 10 dager siden
Why does everyone in the UK drive a VW?
Evyan Keller
Evyan Keller 10 dager siden
This car is like a fat chick. It's fun till your friends find out! Lmao!
Jeremy Clyde
Jeremy Clyde 11 dager siden
A golf cart with doors.
chinmay r
chinmay r 11 dager siden
Tata nano better than this
Bikerpumba Jh
Bikerpumba Jh 11 dager siden
can we get a winter test to?
Paul Perrelli
Paul Perrelli 11 dager siden
Love it
test tor
test tor 11 dager siden
For 14 year olds this is actually a must have deal. 17... not so much.
ThePanMan 11 dager siden
There's a reason they call them suicide doors
the hreo
the hreo 12 dager siden
Very bad. the cycle better than it
Mauro Loureiro
Mauro Loureiro 12 dager siden
My bicycle is faster
wakesake 12 dager siden
i like the fact that hasnt got any useless stuff like fancy interior , electric stuff or a useless airbag , the rest is terrible for the price btw whats with the lat syndrome
CyberCiscoWebDev 13 dager siden
Stupid. You don't know how to lock the door
Diogenes 13 dager siden
is this top gear?
123 14 dager siden
So basically you're just going to be holding up traffic with this piece of shit
Лондон из е кепітал оф Грейт Брітен 🤘🤣🤘🤣🤘🤣
Letticia Morgan
Letticia Morgan 14 dager siden
One question you still didn't show if there was trunk space.
Vinícius Schadeck
Vinícius Schadeck 14 dager siden
oohhhhhh god, this stuff most never being bring to light... too ugly to be real LOL
Kamalesh Das
Kamalesh Das 15 dager siden
I’m gonna marry someone who has got this
Caviar72 15 dager siden
Typical English man..
veer & Discovery
veer & Discovery 15 dager siden
Wait in india
battyroshko 15 dager siden
*When the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe evloves into a street legal car*
Flynnie Flapdrol
Flynnie Flapdrol 15 dager siden
They need to make an Ami sport. Fucking huge spoiler and a nice lets say 60 hp.
Khalid Aziz
Khalid Aziz 16 dager siden
So this is actually an electric 50ccm cabin scooter like an electric Piaggio Ape
When can we buy this car in the uk
Slorm Raptor
Slorm Raptor 16 dager siden
I would love to own that car but with a little bit more power, let's say 120 kmh top speed and 250km of range
Antonio Polastri
Antonio Polastri 16 dager siden
The tartan prancer Evolution 😁 seriously speaking in my opinion this car has a great potential but that design ......
chayzyy 17 dager siden
هدي يجيبوها لدزاير يقولك ساومو 200 مزالة بعيدة
Andre Green
Andre Green 17 dager siden
Yeah there are 20s in East London with speed cameras -_-
Peter SIMPSON 17 dager siden
Six grand !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wtf , or is that the figure Citroen pay you for the embarrassment and shame of ownership. Funny vid.
kerbside motors
kerbside motors 17 dager siden
Can you fit a bike engine to it
Sobuj Prodhan
Sobuj Prodhan 18 dager siden
Jesus Christ not God he is human like you and me , God have no image no female and male 📌
chip599XX // Videogame Republic Productions
chip599XX // Videogame Republic Productions 18 dager siden
This Citroen Ami Quadricycle might be used for the Western Green Hill Zone City
BRUHIFY 4WORLD LEADER 18 dager siden
When you order an car from which
Igor Bolev
Igor Bolev 19 dager siden
А мне понравилось
The Foxhole
The Foxhole 19 dager siden
Is there any actual way for a American or any other person to actually buy one, or can you only rent one?
The Foxhole
The Foxhole 18 dager siden
@ass damn that really sucks
ass 18 dager siden
its not sold in the us
PV-40 Private VTOL
PV-40 Private VTOL 19 dager siden
the ami looks adorable lol
2902sam2902 19 dager siden
Feng Shui, ahaha
Hannah 20 dager siden
If it could go faster, had more mileage and more safety features, it'd be more appealing.
Mr B
Mr B 20 dager siden
Let’s see a crash test on this plastic death trap...
Mr B
Mr B 18 dager siden
@ass Other vehicle do much quicker, so ummm.
ass 18 dager siden
the max speed is 27mph so umm
Zoids 1145
Zoids 1145 20 dager siden
Mr Bean car modern age xD
agung wardhana
agung wardhana 20 dager siden
eventually all future vehicles in the city will be like this..... and with minimum average speed beacuse will be minimized the accidents
ass 18 dager siden
mmm no
BUDDY GLITCH 20 dager siden
It looks like driving one of these public festival toilets.
Squish125 20 dager siden
If that thing was more aerodynamic it could probably hit 55kph, but for now it looks like someone ordered a wardrobe online and used the box to make a car
Squish125 20 dager siden
I ordered some shoes online and they came without a shoe box, I’m glad I’ve found out where my shoebox went
our telly
our telly 21 dag siden
A road legal UTV!
Kells G
Kells G 21 dag siden
Just go get the Wuling ev. That's all u need
Jano 22 dager siden
][ 22 dager siden
Man € 6000 that's is expensive
shivraj bhilare
shivraj bhilare 22 dager siden
Can i het in 🇮🇳
Jan Mortensen
Jan Mortensen 23 dager siden
Copy of old top gear.....
__mayo 17 dager siden
Are u serious? man shut up lmao
golden rules
golden rules 24 dager siden
Very big inside 😀
Syed Zafar Ali Shah
Syed Zafar Ali Shah 24 dager siden
I am from Pakistan i am disable person how i get this car i need it
04dram04 24 dager siden
Scuicide doors are really dangerous. There is a reason most cars dont have them anymore
wb ZF
wb ZF 24 dager siden
i want one
Lenin Solis
Lenin Solis 24 dager siden
Perfecto, bien hecho citroen. Que este vehículo llegue a Ecuador para los pequeños emprendedores, y público en general, aliviara problemas de congestinamiento, transaporte, estacionamiento etc.
SOYL 24 dager siden
probleme is its not so cheap to buy so believe it nobody want it
amir gonen
amir gonen 26 dager siden
It's just almost my name... Almost
Rahul Phillip
Rahul Phillip 27 dager siden
Swap the shopping trolley bag with this and do the runs to asda every night lol.
Rahul Phillip
Rahul Phillip 27 dager siden
Could be a great learner's car! Loved it!!
Uri Ulrich
Uri Ulrich 27 dager siden
It looks similar to, but still better than the MIA electric.
Steve 74
Steve 74 27 dager siden
So this is the future of motoring 🙁
Khushal Katarmal 402B034
Khushal Katarmal 402B034 28 dager siden
At this price you can have tata tiago ev with 4 star safety rating
OK! Let me see
OK! Let me see 28 dager siden
He makes the car look big 🤣
Filipe Pereira
Filipe Pereira 28 dager siden
45kmh not enought, we need 110 or 120kmh least and ability to Run auto route
Robda 28 dager siden
A fiat sichento fits in trolly bays aswell. Parking at Christmas is normally such a pain not when all the trolleys are in use 😅
Bryn Townshend
Bryn Townshend 28 dager siden
12:15 "That's what she said"
lance alcantara
lance alcantara 29 dager siden
is the car infornt of him doing something ileagal?
Aldo Mandovani
Aldo Mandovani 29 dager siden
That's a nice little........thing
JOZZO 29 dager siden
Ferfect okeyy
Mitlax 29 dager siden
you can park even Golf mk4 in the trolley park ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ been there, done that
mickd6942 Måned siden
Adds to the feng shui 😂classic
A M Måned siden
Govt bottlenecks and pressure from 2 wheeler companies in india will not allow such cars in india.
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