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This week, we reveal an increasingly common car-buying scam, discuss things that grind your gears and Gareth talks about his recent run-in with the law!

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Lee Hodgson
Lee Hodgson Måned siden
grahamt33 2 måneder siden
99% Click Bait. Not good, Guys
Stavros Banos
Stavros Banos 2 måneder siden
I was screaming cappuccino after the Subaru/Suzuki question 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
wernvilla2 2 måneder siden
26:56 - *Punto Evo :D
donkosaurus 3 måneder siden
fire extinguisher in stick form? you must be Jo King
George Coleman
George Coleman 3 måneder siden
My old vitaras neutral battery terminal was touching the bonnet not letting it start. i only found out it was that because with the bonnet up it was fine and there was a hole in the bonnet where it contacted.
Liam NIre
Liam NIre 3 måneder siden
51:23 - ".... they've got a top speed of around 20mph........" I have an electric scooter in China (stand on, not like a Vespa, although I have an electric Niu scooter too) that does GPS verified 52kph (32mph). It can genuinely be a bit scary! 😂
Liam NIre
Liam NIre 3 måneder siden
Genuinely, after a few manufacturers (maybe 3 or 4) I was shouting "Cappuccino!" at my tablet.....
Black Thunder
Black Thunder 3 måneder siden
I got space in Sussex. Wisconsin usa. The next town over is lisbon. No lie
Callum Mankelow
Callum Mankelow 3 måneder siden
Question 12
Joseph Phelps
Joseph Phelps 3 måneder siden
When are you guys roasting our cars again? Would love to get a chance to my newest addition lol
fatBoy 3 måneder siden
pattern emerging... avoid eastern euros when selling a car
Jay 3 måneder siden
Don't dress like a dosser and expect somebody to treat you like you're going to drop a heavy bag on a car. The amount of time wasters out there is unreal, don't dress like you are one.
PugTours 3 måneder siden
Thx Tom
PugTours 3 måneder siden
Hated to say it chaps.... think u getting scammed with the scam stories..... self-scamming in public?
god forged
god forged 3 måneder siden
Vitara does that .. u need to just open and clean the starter . Clean the gear and it will last u another 10k km
Hamish McGown
Hamish McGown 3 måneder siden
Very strange. It’s 2am and I cannot sleep and so I’ve decided to crack on with my Lego Technics McLaren Senna GTR that I got for my birthday and watch the latest CT podcast 😂 What a coincidence!
ThEASbO888 3 måneder siden
ThEASbO888 3 måneder siden
Just watched Wrench Everyday'sLotus video where they spoke about Pretty Woman and come to this video who also are talking about Pretty Woman...
Smith_erzZ 3 måneder siden
@WoodEthan? Like "would" but "wood" Get it? 😂
Greg Nicholas
Greg Nicholas 3 måneder siden
I got it ages ago, how did they not get that!!?
Tom Evans
Tom Evans 3 måneder siden
As soon as RWD and Suzuki, my question was is it a Kei Car, if yes then I would have gone in deep with is it a Cappuccino!
MetalVII 3 måneder siden
7:22 Just watching Ethan’s reactions are priceless lol
Davii Mai
Davii Mai 3 måneder siden
The only memorable Suzuki for me was the Cappuccino which I remembered from Initial D
THATE46 KID 3 måneder siden
sorry that i have to be that guy but i was screaming cappuccino
Andy Freeman
Andy Freeman 3 måneder siden
Can't wait to see someone on an electric scooter fall off and eat s**t
Dan Barton
Dan Barton 3 måneder siden
14 questions in. I got cappuccino
joe joe
joe joe 3 måneder siden
Confined space? Ha Ha, Ing-lund itself is now a confined space. (Nanny state gone wild).
f4tpie 3 måneder siden
So what does Grumblefilx (??) means?
f4tpie 3 måneder siden
As quite a traditionally manly activity and I like Smale’s Male or @smalesmale and questions to the page should be called Smale Mail.
spyburn007 3 måneder siden
I’m sure Gareth is a nice guy but can we get him back in the spanners and away from the mic please?
Mathias Stuhl
Mathias Stuhl 3 måneder siden
Finally alex got a car his size...
Paul Yeung
Paul Yeung 3 måneder siden
I knew it was a Cappuccino when Alex said yes it is a suzuki!!! I was LOLing how long it took them haha
Dilan Senaratne
Dilan Senaratne 3 måneder siden
I had my stolen car listed for sale in Dagenham by Romanians so this story is very accurate and one to beware off
Ingens_Scherz 3 måneder siden
I was born in Beaconsfield. And I overshare.
rancidstain 3 måneder siden
The podcasts 🥱 I love the channel but do the viewing figures not tell you guys something?
Nyneg _
Nyneg _ 3 måneder siden
25:30 Hey dan hit me up, we live near each other xD, is it bad that i recognized exactly where the photo was taken from?
Michael Loach
Michael Loach 3 måneder siden
Back in the early '90's I was a salesman for a car company. An elderly, scruffy looking gent came in & was looking at a new 4X4. My fellow salesmen totally ignored him. I took an interest as I was young & eager & thought I could improve my sales technique just by talking to the man. To cut a long story short he bought the Landcruiser in cash & that's when I found out that Scotland did a £100 note! not judge! All the best...........
HEMEN DARWISH 3 måneder siden
P. S. I know Ethan loves being humble, eathen should go to a garden centre
TheGolfHead 3 måneder siden
As soon he said its a rwd suzuki, i instantly new it was a cappuccino lol
n b
n b 3 måneder siden
I guessed Cappuchino by question 14
S15 Life
S15 Life 3 måneder siden
are we all gonna ignore the fact that these lot dont know what grande punto is?
Lassitude 3 måneder siden
"wear normal clothes to buy a car" Me: wears shorts to everything. Oof. :(
Hambleton Showcase
Hambleton Showcase 3 måneder siden
got Cappuccino straight away!!
Bobby Roe
Bobby Roe 3 måneder siden
Ethan does wood
Andrew Bradley
Andrew Bradley 3 måneder siden
17:33 - VAG doesn't stand for Volkswagen Audi Group. The company is called Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft or VAG for short. Just saying.
Fire Safety Stick
Fire Safety Stick 3 måneder siden
Thanks for the shout out guys! Glad to be keeping Phil covered now, Alex. Would be great to have you guys come and see how these work and what they can do sometime!
Lewis Keightley
Lewis Keightley 3 måneder siden
I knew the second you said a rear wheel drive Suzuki 😂
Sam Wannell
Sam Wannell 3 måneder siden
I was screaming cappuccino as soon as you said rwd suzuki!
Aldi Berisha
Aldi Berisha 3 måneder siden
Rear wheel Suzuki and that smile is all we needed
Tarell Edwards
Tarell Edwards 3 måneder siden
Smales wood fondling
Corin Marston
Corin Marston 3 måneder siden
Guessed it from the point he said yes to Suzuki after saying yes to RWD too 🤣
Ben Baker
Ben Baker 3 måneder siden
Ethan’s got wood. Surely it can’t be anything else.
Reimo Zoober
Reimo Zoober 3 måneder siden
The moment you said it was a RWD Suzuki - but it is difficult to be a car nerd
SUNDOWN 80 3 måneder siden
William Stewart
William Stewart 3 måneder siden
One old lady owner, only ever driven to church on Sundays. (The stupid Landrover has spent so much of its life broken that the milage is incredibly low) Genuine milage, runs well (We've just spent thousands getting it working again, please buy it before it breaks) Becoming very rare (running examples that is, immaculate broken examples are still very common) Recently had big money spent (just had a lot of money spent so we can sell it) Superior English engineering (inferior reliability) Genuine reason for sale (genuinely over it, this car is cursed) Come grab a bargain (come buy a lemon)
Matt Carter
Matt Carter 4 måneder siden
I guessed Cappuccino as soon as you said Suzuki but only because you guys made a video on it.
Gábor Farkas
Gábor Farkas 4 måneder siden
Will you make real car videos again? Car builds and tests as you use to do?
Paul Burgess
Paul Burgess 4 måneder siden
Bikers filtering, that’s the whole point in owning a bike isn’t it??? I don’t own/ride a bike, but I completely respect the love and joy of them 👍🏻
Razor's Retro Game Shelf
Razor's Retro Game Shelf 4 måneder siden
Who are these people who don't know what a Vauxhall Senator is? haha
Jaximus 4 måneder siden
Ethan’s softwood
mark hood
mark hood 4 måneder siden
i would go to a car dealership, wearing what ever the hell i wanted to, picked up my most recent car in a full blown tracksuit as it happens. Still drove away in the car....silly really that people will look at your choice of clothing that day and assume your social stature or wealth small fathers friend was 19, going back 33 years ago, 2 men came onto the forecourt, he was a car sales man. Guys came in, old jeans, tee shirts...trainers....older guys in the forecourt where like, you can have them good luck getting a sale....he sold 12 ford seirras as a fleet sale. I dont know if my old man, told me this story, to make me think to never judge a book by its cover, or to never judge a person by their appearance (if so it worked for me) or if it actually happend...but it made me believe that everyone, regardless of looks, wealth, or anything else, deserves as much a chance as a guy strolling in with a suit my two pence for what its worth
keio 4 måneder siden
I guessed cappuccino as soon as you said japanese and rwd 🤣
keio 4 måneder siden
When my Cappuccino gets mentioned for a 2nd time 😀🤣
Nathaniel Mathies
Nathaniel Mathies 4 måneder siden
I got Cappuccino. Not too many rear wheel drive Suzuki. I initially thought Vitarra but then when you said its not 4 or 6 cylinder I automatically thought 3 cylinder rear wheel drive. Cappuccino obvious answer.
Nathaniel Mathies
Nathaniel Mathies 4 måneder siden
What the hell are jogging bottoms? Are you talking about trackie dacks?
AndrewB 4 måneder siden
Name ideas: Stuff with Wood by Ethan Ethan's Hard Knocks Wood is Good
Lewis Tate
Lewis Tate 4 måneder siden
Got it Cappuccino :)
Reuben Langstone
Reuben Langstone 4 måneder siden
It should be called. Handling wood.
Marc de
Marc de 4 måneder siden
Guessed Capacinno immediately said Suzuki as as it suits you sir!🤔😂
Alex Prior
Alex Prior 4 måneder siden
Someone tried to pull that "headgasket failure" scam on a friend of mine. He also smelt a rat and got his wife and daughter to keep them talking whilst he checked his CCTV. You should have seen their faces when he showed them the footage of one of them pouring something in the exhaust and then my friend telling them that if they really wanted it, the price had now doubled. They went away empty handed.
Pound Coin
Pound Coin 4 måneder siden
I had the same scam done to me and a friend when we were selling an Alpina, The story was exactly the same and I mean exactly the same and it was quite a scary experience although we never let the car go
Abarth_ Alex_
Abarth_ Alex_ 4 måneder siden
I got it in 9 questions
L555 Corey
L555 Corey 4 måneder siden
For the Instagram handle it has to be Hammer and Smales for all woodwork things
Kieran Nash
Kieran Nash 4 måneder siden
Ethan's Handy Wood
mitsubishi2301 4 måneder siden
I guessed Suzuki Cappucino by about Question 8 😂
Rb Clark
Rb Clark 4 måneder siden
I think Alex mat Watson and Gareth should do the next top gear ??
Harry Pebody
Harry Pebody 4 måneder siden
Romanians don't mind dipping the fingers in a pot of oil then saying the head gasket has gone
Henning Schroth
Henning Schroth 4 måneder siden
52:30 T- junction... the explanation is so confusing when you are used to left hand drive...
Justin Hedrick
Justin Hedrick 4 måneder siden
Hold on if you accelerate hard from a light twice they’ll take your bike?? Wtf
ton mtb comic
ton mtb comic 4 måneder siden
If ethon can do it then anyone can lol
Benji Renals
Benji Renals 4 måneder siden
The problem with being able to hear a bike coming while in your car, is that everyone else has to hear that bike for half a mile around.
Andrew Johnson
Andrew Johnson 4 måneder siden
13.55 its called a Section 59 😂🤦‍♂️
Scott 4 måneder siden
After all that the guy still took cash surprised it wasn't all fake
Yusuf Moosajee
Yusuf Moosajee 4 måneder siden
Ethan's would work?
Paul C
Paul C 4 måneder siden
At not 4 or 6 pot question I was screaming cappuccino!
Benji Renals
Benji Renals 4 måneder siden
Glad to hear Police in Warwickshire are trying to deal with dangerous driving, so many shitty boy racers around here.
Joel Cairns
Joel Cairns 4 måneder siden
liberty city theme while riding down the M1 lol
Jamie H
Jamie H 4 måneder siden
my uncle went to a Porsche dealership a couple years ago and began to look around and decided on a 911 and when he wanted for someone to offer their services so he could by the car they wouldn't go near him, so he went to Audi ttrs (manual). I'm not rich enough to own an Audi or porsche. Just a story.
Not James May
Not James May 4 måneder siden
I got it
RotaryBro 4 måneder siden
Jeans are workwear typically used by construction workers and trades people. Joggers, slacks and shorts are leisure wear - you are going to buy a car in your leisure time. Makes sense to me.
6RadaR6 4 måneder siden
Most idiots arent using the electric scooters on the roads, they're using them on pavements.
Benjamin Williams
Benjamin Williams 4 måneder siden
Also, regarding electric scooters, only the schemes run by local councils in city centres are legal. The ones you buy yourself are still illegal to use in public places.
Andrew Law
Andrew Law 4 måneder siden
Loving the Grinds my gears bits the most guys, keep on with the rage stuff it’s hilarious 😂. Let’s face it we all need to vent off and seeing you all join is awesome. Can’t wait for the next podcast 😁
Benjamin Williams
Benjamin Williams 4 måneder siden
Wood with Ethan
Ethan Bevan
Ethan Bevan 4 måneder siden
the cappuccino is just a knock off of a mazda MX5#
ChaosPotato 4 måneder siden
0:15 Jack was feeling it this time
Mr. E
Mr. E 4 måneder siden
Just looked on auto trader and there is a perodua Nippa on there right now!! Ethan, get it while you can.
Gary G
Gary G 4 måneder siden
As soon as he said RWD and Suzuki, I guessed Cappucino, although I'm not sure that's something to be proud of.
James Jones
James Jones 4 måneder siden
I knew it was going to be a cappuccino as soon as Suzuki was guessed !!
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