Flip Paint Wrapping Project BMW E46 Compact

  Ganger 441,001

Car Throttle

2 måneder siden

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In Episode 1 of your Compact fan build, we're chameleon wrapping Kenny!
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vapete 123
vapete 123 3 dager siden
If I’d been Louise and he’d told me I was getting a Salad Pizza he wouldn’t have been able to eat his without any fucking teeth .. disrespectful bastard !!
Caio German
Caio German 8 dager siden
luiz is brazilian , right ?
Acknologia 15 dager siden
This wrap is like if barney was just one color
Acknologia 15 dager siden
as Such in honor of the dinosaur this car should be named barney
Dylan Miller
Dylan Miller 15 dager siden
Straight pipe the bmw 🙌
marmaxhara 999
marmaxhara 999 21 dag siden
3 mod a fi exhaust
Grill Simon
Grill Simon 21 dag siden
Blue and purple would have been better
Benedek Bogardi
Benedek Bogardi 22 dager siden
A big bad BBS RS on it lol
Martin La Grange
Martin La Grange 24 dager siden
Ahhh my poor retinas !
George Zaharia
George Zaharia 24 dager siden
great job on the wrap, however 12:25 that's some ugly goggles 🤢🤮
kevin ncube
kevin ncube Måned siden
11:33 "it depends how much you charged" wiser words have never been spoken
Dboy Yarris
Dboy Yarris Måned siden
Yellow headlight bulbs and add yellow foglamps.
Nabeel Mohammed
Nabeel Mohammed Måned siden
Asphalt 8 vibes anyone lmao?
Johnathan Doe
Johnathan Doe Måned siden
One of many cars where the facelift actually made them uglier. Looking at you Alfa Romeo (they full on murdered the 156/147/gtv/spiders with their facelifts)
the wizzard
the wizzard Måned siden
Episode title 'my unfortunate journey in the ghetto'
Miclecia Kandjii
Miclecia Kandjii Måned siden
Poor Luis 😂😂
Karl Juice
Karl Juice Måned siden
Wow.....looks SHIT.
Mr Velocity1577
Mr Velocity1577 Måned siden
Why was this in a AD on NOwindow? I could think of a few other videos better than this that Car Throttle have done before. Oh well each to their own. You guys are killing it and need to get back into more car stuff when lockdown eases enough because I want to see the new house.
Baked Beanz on Toast
Baked Beanz on Toast Måned siden
Amazing....in the thumbnail it looks like you've turned it into a Rover 75......!!!!.
Uche Oji
Uche Oji Måned siden
Ferrari wrap say I'm super gassed. Tesla wrap say I'm super charged.
Egon1982 Måned siden
you can't polish a turd but you can roll it in glitter... Like the bmw but what they done with it is... :(((((((((
Kristaps Krumins
Kristaps Krumins Måned siden
Next upgrade - Angel eye or halo type headlamps, but the real Made in China ones! Best with RGB leds 😂
Sai Vashishta
Sai Vashishta Måned siden
Rose pink tinted windows and a hood scoop
FARGO GEMINI Måned siden
Roll arches with the wheel on and a baseball bat
Daniel Yyy408
Daniel Yyy408 Måned siden
James James
James James Måned siden
How to fuck your BMW up
HC Ninja pro
HC Ninja pro Måned siden
U know u put car nunmber on
Lisa Defries
Lisa Defries Måned siden
Looks fun 😊
Alan Fearnley
Alan Fearnley Måned siden
Cheers for doing this, proves what a shed of sh** a car can be under a wrap and why not to ever buy a wrapped car 👍
Trevor Topcik
Trevor Topcik Måned siden
The funny thing is it would’ve looked absolutely perfect with a blue and purple wrap instead of the green 😂 still looks cool though
W19 ELY Måned siden
When the vinyl is worth more than the car
Argh JayEm
Argh JayEm 2 måneder siden
Vincero watch? Nah I will stick with my Rolex thanks.
Lance Smart
Lance Smart 2 måneder siden
Not even gunna pretend... I really like it 🙈😂
G R 2 måneder siden
How to turn an ugly car into a Chav-Mobile
K9 Revenge
K9 Revenge 2 måneder siden
< 3 3 3
Daniel Gibbons
Daniel Gibbons 2 måneder siden
Why would you bother on such a pants car?
marcus mayle
marcus mayle 2 måneder siden
only car throttle could make a bmw compact even uglier then came out factory
Lazy Drunk
Lazy Drunk 2 måneder siden
needs a screamer pipe
Thomas Mcdougall
Thomas Mcdougall 2 måneder siden
Where's the prelude?
Seiferisthebest 2 måneder siden
Imagine this wrap on the new Honda E 🤩
a channel
a channel 2 måneder siden
Ngl think the wrap looks kinda ugly though i don’t really like car wraps in general think it would have looked better in a dark black wrap
Daniel 2 måneder siden
Compact looks tragical
Gareth Warren
Gareth Warren 2 måneder siden
How to make a sh*t car look even sh*tter should be the title to this vid
Noukz 2 måneder siden
Ey yo, but I'm not a wrapper...
TheWinterEagle 2 måneder siden
No copyright music and chameleon wrapping is all you need for a video on how your car looks faster for gen Zs
Edward Fletcher
Edward Fletcher 2 måneder siden
Vincero watches, Chinese quality for a Swiss price !
David HB
David HB 2 måneder siden
Sooo ghetto
rjac001 2 måneder siden
When you said out of 10 thats a strong 9 I literally spat on my screen lol
rjac001 2 måneder siden
Hey on Saturdays do you unsheath big shafts
jahanzeb mohammad
jahanzeb mohammad 2 måneder siden
I'm a mechanic, but I'm not a wrapper, no, first of all: I'm not a wrapper
Kai Syversen
Kai Syversen 2 måneder siden
That car needs lambo doors
Hector Luis Supan
Hector Luis Supan 2 måneder siden
I hope it gets rocket bunnied
Tim A
Tim A 2 måneder siden
It now looks like a rover 75 in that colour!
Ephraim Christen
Ephraim Christen 2 måneder siden
Exitzy 2 måneder siden
huge wing is needed, essential
1171karl 2 måneder siden
I'm not sure I'd want it on my car, but it looks good
SUPER BRONZE BOY 2 måneder siden
Do White deep dish steelies as your 3rd mod.
sam wilson
sam wilson 2 måneder siden
It looks like something straight out of gran tourismo on the ps1
IAN1000IAN 2 måneder siden
those watches look crap lol
Ryan Starr
Ryan Starr 2 måneder siden
Is it bad that this is the car you guys have that I’d most like!!! Such a cool car!! Come on Kenny!!!
Henry Jones
Henry Jones 2 måneder siden
Must have exhaust stacks out the bonnet
Havnar 2 måneder siden
it looks rather good now, kind of a shame to put a silly exhaust on
Wouter639 2 måneder siden
Roof scoop it!
Papi Bakalov
Papi Bakalov 2 måneder siden
Favourite bit of the video - the dead bug still in the tail light in contrast to the shiny new exterior LOL nowindow.info/cloud/video/cGual5qCeJpqo4U.html . I have to say I'm not a fan of BMWs, but I love you guys, keep up the great content!!! (maybe diversify a little with the car brands? )
Deplorable Dave
Deplorable Dave 2 måneder siden
Hideous wrap.
Essey 2 måneder siden
Wrench sauce
Ryan Ashutst
Ryan Ashutst 2 måneder siden
Next Mod: bonnet exit exhaust but the biggest one you can get
Foxtrot Mike Lima
Foxtrot Mike Lima 2 måneder siden
Ethan has more 'car guy' potential than the ginger with the napoleon complex
Shazaboe _
Shazaboe _ 2 måneder siden
Kenny the compact chameleon
Michael Slater
Michael Slater 2 måneder siden
3rd mod should be roll cage or bucket seats
Ellis Roscoe
Ellis Roscoe 2 måneder siden
By like 4 days
Ellis Roscoe
Ellis Roscoe 2 måneder siden
Yo I’m from da future
fyperG 2 måneder siden
Ugliest bmw with the ugliest wrap
Stackali 2 måneder siden
we finally found something ethan is good at.
tohaklim 2 måneder siden
wrapping an Individual paint car has to be up there with 3d gel plates
LSF V2 2 måneder siden
Wonder how much a wrap like that costs
DUYT09 2 måneder siden
Thanks I hate it!
ton mtb comic
ton mtb comic 2 måneder siden
If Ethan can do it lol
Marszczak 2 måneder siden
Meh... still fugly
Rushy1989 2 måneder siden
Looks so tacky it looks good.
Ed Parker
Ed Parker 2 måneder siden
Ethan's next challenge should be a engine swap on the BMW z3
Alex Cabezas
Alex Cabezas 2 måneder siden
Put a snorkel on it
Borre Verdoes
Borre Verdoes 2 måneder siden
Oh shit, we're going bosozoku bois!!!
Michele 2 måneder siden
This car looks like the driver not only doesn't use the turn signal, he straight up cut the wires to them This car looks like the driver honks at you while it's still red This car looks like the driver brakes checks you only to floor right after I am sure the lovely people here can add up to this list
Sartto 2 måneder siden
Make it v12
sam fisher
sam fisher 2 måneder siden
Straight pipe it first, remove the exhaust manifold
Rory Crouch
Rory Crouch 2 måneder siden
next mod should definitely be coilovers
Edward Malone
Edward Malone 2 måneder siden
The sponsorship shilling is a bit cringe, or was that the point? Don't mind sponsorship at all but try not be so cringe lol
Stuart Hunt
Stuart Hunt 2 måneder siden
Yianni is absolutely pissing himself watching you two wrap
Rhys Jackson
Rhys Jackson 2 måneder siden
2jz engine swap big turbo drift machine
Patrick Paalman
Patrick Paalman 2 måneder siden
Remember to wrench every day... Oh no that's another channel
HabaNero3 2 måneder siden
Go full 90s fast and furious sex-spec. Underflow, downlights
Ivan Jovanović
Ivan Jovanović 2 måneder siden
omg Compact BMW, let me throw up first...
Justin Hedrick
Justin Hedrick 2 måneder siden
Reminds me of that epic TVR paint.
Jakub Mlodzinski
Jakub Mlodzinski 2 måneder siden
Lower it and give it some fresh rims and it will be perfect bro
Luke Mosley
Luke Mosley 2 måneder siden
Next modification should be getting rid of the horrendous compact headlights for something a bit more E46
DJ Andrew Ballard
DJ Andrew Ballard 2 måneder siden
The wheels should be a 30 in rim with 40 in tires
RockyTVShow 2 måneder siden
Now make it faster
Paste86 2 måneder siden
Unsainted Levi
Unsainted Levi 2 måneder siden
Needs a huge spoiler on the back
rezaq1 2 måneder siden
It’s a terrible choice of colour for a wrap
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